I was born on March 3rd, 1981, in Sverdlovsk city (now it is Yekaterinburg).

I’ve always wanted to be an actor! Once in my life I saw «The Three Musketeers» film that has changed my life forever. I realized it was a great profession that would allow me to live many different lives.

I entered the Ural State Law Academy in 1998, following my mom’s words to get a basic education first and then follow my dreams.

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I’ve never regret that I was a student of The Law Academy, because it gave me an opportunity to start my stand-up comedy performances with my great friend. That experience provided my success in Moscow on stage. I became a part of the great comic team and spent a lot of wonderful time making hilarious performances.

After I graduated from the Law Academy I became a student of the branch of Movie and TV school in Yekaterinburg. Less than in one year I was transferred to the acting department of the University of Art in Moscow. Within over two years after I was an actor of the Infant’s Musical Theatre where I’ve got my taste of professional acting on the stage. In Moscow city I had my first screen appearance in TV-show, comedy TV and stand-up shows. As a producer, anchorman and actor I launched some projects such as “My role in a movie”, “The encyclopedia of valuable advises” and some others.

This year I had a leading part in a feature film  “Sleep-walker” that was screened all over Russia. Having a chance to meet a great Russian director of my favorite “The Three musketeers” movie, I realized how close to my dream I am. And moreover nowadays I participate in his new movie project as a producer.

Within last two years I visited the Cannes Film Festival where I met a lot of nice professional people for the future co-production; I traveled to the USA with my friends where we found a chance to shoot our own short movies.

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I have some projects on the go and I’m looking up to my future that is going to be connected with a film industry all over the world. Also since I moved to Moscow in 2005 I have been working as a showman, having rather big experience of making parties and great events.